How to collect Bookworms in Two Point Campus

Who doesn’t look a book worm?

Image via Two Point Studios

Bookworms are elusive creatures in Two Point Campus. They appear for several seconds before they disappear, forcing you to keep an eagle eye out for when they begin popping their heads up. How you go about grabbing them can be tricky, along with their proper use. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to collect Bookworms in Two Point Campus.

Where to get Bookworms in Two Point Campus

The Bookworm you need to find will appear somewhere on your campus. They will begin popping up from the ground, and you have several seconds to grab them before it disappears. A Bookworm typically appears in the grass, and it directly contrasts this terrain as it is a stark yellow color.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Thankfully, these creatures do not appear in a single location. If you see them popping up at a particular area of your campus lawn, hover around this location and wait to catch them using your cursor. A Bookworm will continue to pop up from the ground around this location for several seconds, We imagine you might miss them when you attempt to click and initially grab them. They only stay out of the ground for a brief time. However, they tend to stick to this location. If you miss them the first time, keep your eye on the area, and they may appear again.

When you collect the Bookworm, you receive a small amount of money. You don’t want to spend too much time looking for Bookworms, but they will appear throughout your time hosting a campus, and you can add multiple to your collection. The one we recovered was a Textbook Bookworm.