How to colonize a planet in OGame

Expand your territory.

Image via GameForge

Despite being released in 2002, OGame remains one of the most popular browser games. Although the game’s primary objective revolves around money management and space combat, it has several layers. One of the main activities that will help players increase their resources and generally maximize their profit is colonizing different planets.

How to colonize a planet

You can colonize a new planet by sending a Colony Ship on a colonizing mission. The ship, however, will only colonize the planet provided you have advanced enough astrophysics technology. Furthermore, the solar system’s position you assign to the Colony Ship will determine which planet you conquer. While choosing the position, consider the below-mentioned points:

  • Each position has a unique set of planet fields that determine how much you may construct on a planet. The number of fields you acquire when you colonize will be chosen randomly from this range. If you acquire a planet that you believe is too small for long-term use, you can abandon and recolonize it.
  • The position is also responsible for determining the temperature of the planet, which ultimately determines energy (solar) and deuterium production. If you are looking to produce the maximum amount of solar energy, select position 1, and if you want maximum deuterium production go with position 15.

Apart from selecting the desired position, there isn’t much you can do to influence the planet you get. That said, the position you choose will also determine the size of the planet you colonize.