How to complete A Day to Remember in Dartmoor in Hitman 3

A shocking picture.

There’s nothing like visiting a family estate, and with so much on the line in Hitman 3, it’s proper to make sure you take a picture to share the good memories. There’s a mission story in this mission where you’ll have to sneak in the Carlisle estate and become the photographer to take our Alexa Carlisle. It’s on the other side of the mansion, so you have to successfully sneak in to gain access to it. We recommend assuming the disguise of a gardener to safely move throughout the estate undetected.

Locate A Day to Remember

The mission story is in the back of the mansion. If you can subdue one of the gardeners, maids, or security guards roaming around the front, you can take their disguise and make your way to the very back of the estate. Once there, you’ll see the opportunity and learn about the family taking a picture together. The fuse for the camera is broken, and if you can, replace it with another.

Get the photographer disguise

After accepting the story mission, your first task is to assume the photographer disguise. Shortly after their conversation with the maid, they will walk away from the camera. You can follow them around the garden, but you will quickly find out he has a regular rotation around the fountain. He walks over to his laptop, the fuse box, and then back to the camera where you initially find him. We recommend taking out the guard by the fuse box and waiting for the photographer to walk over there. When they’re examining the fusebox, take them out, and dump their body inside of the crates to the left or right of your position in the garden.

Where to find a fuse cell and a crowbar

With the photographer’s disguise on you, your next step is to find the fuse cell. Luckily, there’s a new mission opportunity waypoint directing you to its exact location. It’s not too far away from where the camera’s position in the garden.

When you head over to the fuse box, you’ll discover you can’t access it until you have a crowbar. There are multiple locations to find this tool all over the estate, but we could find one behind the greenhouse, on the opposite side of the fountain where the picture is being taken. Grab that crowbar, and then return to the fuse box to access it once you have the new fuse, head over to the fuse box that the photographer was examining earlier, where you took them out and put it inside to get the camera working.

With the camera working, return to it and take a sample picture with the maid in front of the fountain. After confirming it works, the maid will text for the family to come down to the garden to take a family picture. While you do not have the chance to take our Alexa, it brings the family together, and you now have access to her.