How to complete A Preta Predicament in Shin Megami Tensei V

Helping the less fortunate.

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You can complete a side quest for a demon in Shin Megami Tensei V in the Netherlands region called A Preta Predicament. It turns out a hunting party went in search of food but never returned. The demon asks you to go out to search for the one it sent out to ensure that they return safely.

You’ll be able to find this quest to the northwest of where you initially begin in the Netherworld, inside a small cave with several demons gathered around. The demon will ask you to seek out the demon that went searching for food.

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Your best bet to narrow down the exact location of this demon is to go to the next Leyline Front, which should be right before an Abscess. This Abscess is blocking the route forward.

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Next to the Leyline Front is a demon searching in the rubble nearby. Speak to this demon to narrow down the location of the one you need to find. Unfortunately, you’ll learn that the demon is beyond the Abscess, so you’ll need to take that out before advancing.

After destroying the Abscess, you’ll need to advance through the Netherworld to find the demon. It should be in a small cave where you can see Apsaras surrounded by multiple demons. All you have to do is speak with the demon you sent to find, and you’ll receive a Sake and Dango Medley from the demon before it makes its way home.

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You will need to return to the demon who gave you the quest to turn it in to receive all of the rewards. Upon returning to the Preta group, you’ll need to provide them with the Sake and Dango Medley. Regardless if you do or not, the group will attack you. You’ll need to battle against six Preta, all level three. Upon defeating them, they reward you with a Haunt Tailsman to make up for their behavior.