How to complete A Steward for Every Occasion in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This is essentially the Bastion version of a free lunch.

Image via Blizzard

A friend in need is many things, but what about stewards? In the case of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll find several requests for help in the world quest called A Steward for Every Occasion. Thankfully, all their locations are marked on your map, but finding the right steward for the appropriate request can be a bit confusing. We’ll make sure you don’t send the wrong expert to an urgently needy NPC.

The Helpful Stewards that you need to gather will show up on your map as yellow dots, and in the game’s world, they will shine like some of the treasure you have found. Gather up at least five of them, and you can get to work on solving the problems in the area.

Use this reference chart to determine which of the stewards you should pair with the people in need:

Thirsty AspirantSteward that has bottles
Damaged Praetor SentrySteward wielding a hammer
Broken glassSteward carrying a broom
Bored AspirantSteward with paper
Helpful StewardsSteward with a tray
Hungry AspirantSteward with food

If you need, you can specifically ask each NPC what they’re looking for, although the broken glass won’t respond to you. Choose the correct steward to help them from the speech bubbles that appear, and you will mark off one of your chores as complete.

Make sure you keep your pets dismissed during this, as the NPCs might react oddly if anyone other than your character of the stewards approaches them.