How to complete all Side Quest in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Disgaea 5 will feature three new mechanics with its release worldwide. Disgaea 5 is a tactical role-playing video game for the PlayStation 4 and sixth installment in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software. In an attempt to bring the Overlords and heirs of each different world to join your forces together to fight against Void Dark, the player has to travel across various Netherworlds. Here is how to complete all Side Quest in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

The Three new mechanics include Alliance Attack, new battle mechanic, and Revenge Mode which triggers additional stat bonuses. The New Side Quest helps you earn easy Money and gear to use them in the Main Story. The Side Quest will be available after completing few Main Story Missions. The Quest Gets more difficult with time but with this guide you can easily complete the Quest.

Side Quests in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance


As a Starter Quest, this is a quick nad easiest quest. All you need to do is get some Mint Gum. You can buy it from the item store in the Pocket Netherworld(If you don’t have it already). The Reward is the scroll: Gum Eater.

My Technique:

To Complete This one you need a Gun. I Personally recommend waiting until you get one from a chest or bonus reward so that you might save spending extra money on the gun. And the reward Geo Blast scroll.

Combat Lecture:

In this Mission, you need to clear the Dried Up Wasteland stage by eliminating the enemies. The Reward is 500 HL.

Stealing Specialist:

You need Brawler (Warrior) at rank 2 to complete this mission as it will unlock the Thief class for you to recruit. To Unlock the Thief you need the second star, you can also set the sub class of one of your main characters to a warrior and level them the same way.

Hunter Intern:

You need Fighter and Healer at rank 2 to unlock new class recruit for you. To complete this mission use Healer to heal every turn to speed things up and also set these as Subclasses for your Main Character.

Seeking Partner:

You need Mage and Fighter at rank 2 to unlock the Gunner as your recruit. Mage and Fighter should be in a fight to speed and level up or else you can set Killia to a fighter for few missions to finish it off quickly.


You need Thief at rank 2 and Warrior at rank 3 to get Ninja class unlocked. To Prevent the Thief from dying, you can use Magnus as your Warrior and Seraphine as your Thief.

Valuing Loyalty:

You need Archer at rank 2 nad Fighter at rank 3 to get the Lady Samurai class for recruitment. If you still haven’t unlocked the archers yet then Unlock the Archers before starting this mission.

Impregnable Guard:

You need Fighter and Warrior at rank 3 to get Armor Knight class, a solid tanking unit for recruitment. To make it easier use Killia as your Fighter subclass and Magnus as Warrior sub-class.

Magical Warrior:

You need Fighter and Mage at rank 3 to unlock the Magic Knight class for recruitment. To make it easy make use of Killia as Fighter and Christo as Mage.

Samples Wanted:

You need Gunner and Maid at rank 2 to get the Professor class for recruitment. To finish it really quick use Seraphine as your Gunner and you can start off with Maid to let him reach rank 2.

Space Pirates:

You need Gunner and Archer at rank 2, and Maid at rank 3 to get the Pirate Class for recruitment. Leveling Maid and Archer are quite easy if you made them fight in the same team and Seraphine on Gunner sub-class to hit rank 3.

Pranking Footsteps:

Pass on any item to the quest guy to unlock the Imp class for recruitment.

Orc Pride:

Pass on any item to the quest guy to unlock the Orc recruitment.

Let’s Dance:

Give up on the Monster Attack weapon(the Red Skull looking weapons) to unlock the Undead class for recruitment.

Secret To Jiggling:

A 1 Unopened Soda is what all needed to unlock the Sludge class for recruitment. Buy it from the item shop if you don’t have one.

Let’s Use Skills:

Level up a skill to level 10 in order to eliminate the enemies and take a healer with you so that they can heal he unit and also get the experience with every fight.

Enhancing Skills:

You need to pick a skill and use it on Mana to level up to 3. The only thing difficult is Mana, hard time to come early on.

1 HL Savings:

Save about 100,000 HL to complete this mission and if you know the item world makes it easy to earn money faster than ever.

A Little Effort:

Save about 1 Million HL to complete this mission and if you know the item world makes it easy to earn money faster than ever.

Capture Enemies:

Assign some characters to Capture Squad and capture 10 Prisoners to complete this mission. You can do this in the Item World and capture the lower level units.

More The Merrier:

Again start with the Item World and Capture 25 more units to complete this one.

Capturing Is Fun:

This mission is a little time consuming as you need to capture 50 more units so try doing it with the item world and do it within 20 floors.

Boost Pop:

Turn the Units/Guys you just captured into citizens in order to complete this mission. Try converting the lower level units as they can easily be transformed and you also don’t lose much EXP.

Boost Pop More:

At the same time you captured the units you can turn them into citizens but this time the count is 20.

Boost Pop Even More:

At the same time you captured the units you can turn them into citizens but this time the count is 50.

Examine Netherworld:

Recruit and Send more units out to get some cash and for this mission you need to explore the Netherworlds. Once done you will unlock the Research Netherworlds section.

My Own Color:

Change the Color 10 times in order to beat this mission. To change the color go to the assembly, pick one from the characters and then change the color.


You might need to buy some items in order to turn into a Cafe Au Lait to beat this mission. If you don’t find it in the shop then try calling the assembly for better items.

Muscle Muscle:

kill 3 Warriors in order to unlock the Brawny Muscle. You can find 2 warriors in Shriveled Vein in Blood Parch, this will help you avoid fight twice.

Practice Dood:

Clear the dried Wasteland in a single turn to beat this mission. If you try throwing dozens of units, you can easily cover the distance you need.

Give Me Gum:

All you need to do is hand over the ABC Gum.

In That Box:

Destroy 3 Lost Army Boxes you found in Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch.

Martial Artist:

Kill 3 Fighters to unlock a Brawny Muscle. The same way you did in Muscle Muscle Side Quest.

To Get Outside:

Buy the Wrinkly Clothes for 400 HL. I recommend you can wait as you get these from Bonus gauges easily.

Now Hiring Dood:

All you need to do is kill the Prinnies to beat it.

Trying To Cook:

Hand over any three items you don’t need to beat it.

Don’t Sharpen Nails:

Kill 5 Slumber Cats for an early shield. Cats can be found in the Spirit Interment Netherworld.

Love Treasure:

Locate the treasure on Shriveled Vein in the Blood Parch and open it to beat this.

Secret Treasures:

Not sure but I think you need the yellow blinking items from the chest or bonus gauge to unlock this.