How to complete all Kitchen tasks on Airship in Among Us

I’m already starving.

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The Airship map for Among Us is full of small tasks that every player will need to cover. It’s a big map, so getting around from place to place can be a little tricky. There are several new tasks for players to complete on the Airship, and we’re going to cover how to complete the ones in the Kitchen.

Where to find The Kitchen

You can find the Kitchen right next to the Armory. It’s below the Engine room, close to the bottom of the ship. Your best bet to reach it is to make your way through the Armory, although you can also reach it by going through the Security room.

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How to Empty Garbage

One of the tasks for the Kitchen is to Empty the Garbage. You will need to empty the garbage cans for the Kitchen and the Meeting Room. We’ve already listed out how to find the Kitchen, and the Meeting Room is on the top of the map.

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When you arrive to the trash can in the Kitchen, you’ll have to pull and drag the bag of trash out of the container. You might need to drag the trash can, flip it over, and toss it out.

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There will be a second trash can you need to empty at the Meeting Room. The Meeting Room is right at the top of the map, so you’ll go through the main part of the ship. You’ll be able to reach it by going through the Engine Room, the Brig, the Gap Room, and then the Meeting Room is right at the top.

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When you reach the Trash can for the Meeting Room, there is a lever you need to interact with. When you do, all of the trash will be built up, and you have to pull and drag the lever on the right of the screen to release the trash. When both locations have been cleared, the Empty Trash task will be finished.

How to Make a Burger

A task for the Kitchen is to Make a Burger. You’ll have all of the ingredients in front of you when you approach the counter. You need to place the ingredients in the correct order. All you have to do is click each one, drag them to the plate, and stack them on top of each other.

The order for the burger changes each time. Here are all of the ingredients that you can use, and they will vary in order each time you receive this task.

  • Buns (top and bottom)
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Burger Patty
  • Tomato

Make sure to reference the recipe sheet you receive for the task.

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