How to complete An Unusual Spot request in Pokémon Snap

Someone’s stomping around the jungle.

Image via Nintendo

You’ll be collecting a pile of photographs of several Pokémon in their natural habitats in the New Pokémon Snap. Your work will be shared with a research team who can assign you several challenges to complete while embarking on these tours. One of these challenges will be called An Unusual Spot, and you’ll be attempting to capture a picture of Ledian standing on the ground. You can complete this challenge by going through the Founja Jungle area during the nighttime.

The requirement for this challenge happens a little after the beginning of the tour. You’ll start to go up a lightly glowing tree with a large cliff in front of you. Look down, and you should see ancient ruins with a few sleeping Toucannons nearby. There are a handful of flying Ledian just below you. You want to seek out the Ledian walking on the ground, which shows a little way after this. It’ll be difficult to spot below you through the trees.

When you find it, throw a fluffruit, attempt to feed it to the Ledian. The Ledian will begin eating the fluffruit, and that’s when you want to capture a picture of it. You’ll want to take several because the Ledian performs a small dance shortly after eating the fruit. After taking the picture and completing the course, you want to turn in the four star version of the photograph to Professor Mirror to fulfill the request’s requirements.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the request completed, make sure to return to the main research camp and turn it in for your reward.