How to complete Art in Flight request in Pokémon Snap

A beautiful night for a flight.

Image via Nintendo

The requests in Pokémon Snap can be a little challenging. You might not turn in the correct photograph, or you might not properly focus on the Pokémon that request is about. With the Art in Flight request, you’ll need to take a picture of a flock of Swanna in flight. You can do this by visiting the Florio Nature Park at night. There’s a flock of Swanna in the water, on the right side of the tour.

You need to wait until you’re about halfway through the Florio Nature Park tour at night. There are two glowing Swanna that appear in the sky, and they’re illuminated with a natural illumina orb. They fly two or three or times around the lake before landing. You want to focus on the Swanna that lands next to the others sleeping on the lake, behind the sleeping Torterra.

All you have to do to activate it is play the melody, and focus your camera on it. By playing the melody, the glowing Swanna awakens and prompts the others to take flight around it. You want to capture an image of them all just above the water but beginning to take off. You don’t want to wait until they’re flying the air. It’s a four star photograph.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you complete the request, make sure to turn it in to Professor Mirror at the end of the tour and submit it to the requests tab back at the research camp.