How to complete Asleep on a Calm Night in Pokémon Snap

Calm and sleepy.

New Pokemon Snap arrives on Nintendo Switch this April

Image via Nintendo

One of the early requests in Pokémon Snap is “Asleep On a Calm Night”. For this request, you need to find a very rare Pokémon that can only be found at night beside a sleeping Torterra.

To find the Pokémon in question, you will need to tour the Florio Nature Park at night, after reaching Rank 3. As you rank up, the various parks and routes go through subtle changes, and new Pokémon will appear, or Pokémon you have already found will do new and interesting things.

Keep following the route, snapping anything that interests you until you get to the portion beside the lake. Here, you will find lots of sleeping Torterra. Just as you reach the end of the lake portion, you will find a lone sleeping Torterra, and he will have some smaller Pokémon sleeping beside him.

One of them will be a Sylveon, and this is the Pokémon that you need to snap a picture of to complete this challenge. When you have taken the picture, you can then return to the camp and hand in the challenge.

You don’t need to get a photo of any particular score or star rating, any picture of the Sylveon will do. It is worth keeping in mind that you will probably want some better pictures of the creature as the game goes on, so you might as well snap them now.