How to complete assignments in Two Point Campus

Your students need your help.

Image via Two Point Studios

Your students will receive assignments in Two Point Campus, and completing them is important to help increase their grades before the end of the year. There are casual assignments your students will need to work on in the library. Sometimes the student will approach the administration about an item that requires you to purchase an item before a specific timeframe. This guide covers how to complete an assignment in Two Point Campus.

How assignments work in Two Point Campus

Many of the casual assignments your students need to do will happen in-between classes. For example, on the schedule at the bottom of your user interface, any area not highlighted in blue will be when your students are in the library studying on their school assignments or doing any out-of-class work. Alternatively, you can assign fun activities, such as Student Lounge or Student Club parties, but usually, students will rush to your library to increase their grades.

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Throughout the year, specific students will approach you and send you a message about wanting to see a particular item on campus. You might already have this item unlocked in your menu, or you might need to purchase it using any Kudosh you’ve earned by completing personal achievements in Two Point Campus. You can view any of these unique assignments when they appear in your message box, and they have a time limit. If you do not place down the item before the item runs out, the student might have a weaker grade.

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You might receive multiple requests, and some may take priority over others, especially if you can’t afford them all. Thankfully, because of the time limit on these assignments, you can see how long you have until they expire. We recommend purchasing these items at the start of every month, close to when you receive your salary report, and you have an influx of income.