How to complete Autodiagnostics: 3 in No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers

Repair the engine.


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Autodiagnostics: 3 is the first Milestone in Phase three of No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers. As is the case with Autodiagnostics: 1 and Autodiagnostics: 2, this Milestone requires you to repair a part of your ship, the Waveform Engine. This guide covers how to complete this Milestone and prepare for what’s coming later in the Expedition.

Step 1: Complete the Geologist Milestone

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Before you can complete Autodiagnostics: 3, you need to complete Geologist, another Milestone in Expedition Three: Cartographers. To complete Geologist, you need to scan 18 minerals across the planet’s surface. It’s something you can complete while working on all the other Milestones in the Expedition, so you should have it finished by the time you come to Autodiagnostics: 3. Geologist needs to be completed because an essential item for Autodiagnostics: 3 is locked until you claim it as a reward the Magnetic Resonator plans.

Step 2: Craft the Magnetic Resonator

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The next thing to do is craft the Magnetic Resonator. To do this, you need 40 Magnetised Ferrite and 40 Ionised Cobalt. To create Ionised Cobalt, you need to mine Cobalt and then put it through a Refiner. You can find Cobalt in rocks that protrude from the ceilings of caves. Magnetised Ferrite is refined from Pure Ferrite, which is refined from Ferrite Durst. So all you need to do is mine a few rocks and refine the resource you gather twice to produce Magnetised Ferrite. With these items in hand, you can craft the Magnetic Resonator.

Step 3: Add the Crystal Sulphide

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Now you’re able to add the Magnetic Resonator to the Waveform Engine. However, there’s still one vital component that’s missing: Crystal Sulphide. You can find this stuff in large bodies of water around the planet. You should have spawned relatively near one, so head there and look for the large mineral structure just under the water’s surface. You should be able to harvest the Crystal Sulphide from the rock formation. Be aware that the rock formation will erupt with massive amounts of heat once you harvest all the Crystal Sulphide from it. Install both resources into the Waveform Engine, and you’ll complete the Milestone. Unfortunately, the ship still won’t fly.