How to complete Bad Vibrations in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Don’t step in the wrong place.


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Bad Vibrations is the fifth Milestone in the fourth Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to kill a specific number of a particular enemy across the cursed worlds in this Expedition. This guide covers what you need to do to complete the Milestone and how to go about doing it.

Step 1: Find a Titan Worm Burrow

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The first thing you need to do is head to a Titan Worm Burrow. You’ll have done this a few times along the Expedition so far, but if you want to complete this Milestone, you need to find more. They’re easy to locate through the analysis visor in your scanner. However, you can only find them on cursed worlds, and you must be careful as you approach them.

Step 2: Kill the Hungering Tendrils

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When you arrive at a Titan Worm Burrow, creatures will emerge from the ground and attack you. These creatures are Hungering Tendrils, and you need to kill all of them. Once you have, the Titan Worm Burrow will disappear. This will rack up a few more kills towards your overall progress to Bad Vibrations, but you need to kill 36 Hungering Tendrils in total to complete it.

All you need to do is repeat the process of finding a Titan Worm Burrow, heading over to it, and killing all the Hungering Tendrils around it. You should be done by the time you’ve visited six or seven of them. To make life easier, consider building a base so that you can summon an Exocraft to help you get between each Titan Worm Burrow without burning launch thruster fuel. We found another player’s base and summoned an Exocraft from there.

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The Milestone will complete when you’ve killed your last Hungering Tendril. After that, you can claim the Unbound Monstrosity, five Synthetic Worms, and 777 Nanites from the Expedition Menu.