How to complete Bully Breaker in Shin Megami Tensei V

Pick on someone your own size.

Image via Atlus

You’ll meet with an Agathion on a deserted highway in the Netherlands in Shin Megami Tensei V, who’s being bullied by a large group of Daemons. The Agathion has requested that you eliminate three Daemons from the area and remove them as a problem. You’ll need to locate these Daemons, defeat them in combat, and return to the Agathion to receive your reward.

After receiving the quest, locating the Daemons can be a little tricky. You’ll be able to find them in a cave, to the east of the Hamamatsucho Leyline fountain. These Daemons will be in a large group, and when you enter the cave, they will attempt to swarm you.

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Luckily when you battle these creatures in a fight, you’ll find that you only have to fight against two of them. Each of the Daemon are level seven. These monsters are weak to Electric and Light attacks but resistant to Physical and Fire attacks; make sure to avoid those during the fights to ensure you do the most damage to them.

You’ll need to fight against at least two groups of Daemon to eliminate the required three for the Agathion. After those have been defeated, return to the Agathion on the deserted highway, and you’ll receive Agathion’s Essence for your reward.