How to complete Cache in the Castle in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s treasure in these walls.

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with various quests, secrets, and puzzles for you to discover. The halls of the school are littered with tasks and ways that you can help your fellow students. Arthur is one such student in need. He found a few treasure maps and is eager to see where they lead. Help him out by following the clues and seeing if you can find the treasure hidden within the castle walls. This guide will show you how to complete Cache in the Castle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Cache in the Castle walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

There are plenty of quests that you can find early on in Hogwarts Legacy with Cache in the Castle and Like a Moth to a Frame being just two of them. To activate the quest for Arthur, travel to the Astronomy Wing of the castle. Arthur can be found near the Charms Classroom fast travel location.

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Talk to Arthur and he will give you a map with three landmarks on it. You’ll need to follow these landmarks to find a treasure hidden within the castle. The landmarks are as follows:

  • A rhinoceros skeleton statue
  • A dragon statue
  • A painting
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The first of these landmarks are found near Arthur. You should see a purple search area on your map near where you pick up the quest. From Arthur, travel down the stairs to the second floor of the building. Here, you will find the rhinoceros statue.

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Make your way down the stairs behind the statue and go through the double doors to head out into the courtyard. Here, you will spot the dragon statue which is the second landmark.

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After viewing the dragon statue, go through the door behind it. Once inside, head up the stairs on the right and follow them until you reach another rhinoceros skeleton statue in a case. The painting you are searching for is to the left of the case. Use the Accio spell on the top of the painting to open a secret door revealing the chest.

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After you have collected the treasure, head back to Arthur to complete the quest.