How to complete Cassivellaunus Tomb in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Empty docks, pressure plates, and scary snakes.


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The Cassivellanus Tomb, one of the dungeons that form part of the Tombs of the Fallen activity in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, is packed with puzzles for Eivor to solve, each one more challenging than the last. This guide will explain how to complete this Tomb and help you walk away with some new treasures for Eivor.

Where is the Cassivellanus Tomb?

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The Cassivellanus Tomb is located in Sciropescire. It’s on the northeast side of the region, across the Afon Hafren River, almost at the border. As you approach it, use Synin to look for the glowing blue cone that marks its location. You’ll need to touch the Odin Rune outside of the Tomb to open it. See below for a map reference for this Tomb.

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Enter the Tomb and use the boat to get to the large chamber. Here you’ll see waterwheels and a huge entrance that’s locked by four puzzles. You need to solve each puzzle to open the door.

Step 1: The stopped waterwheel

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Look to the right-hand side of the locked opening in this chamber. There’s a pressure plate and a stopped waterwheel. Aim your arrow at the waterfall to the left of the waterwheel, and you’ll see that it turns red. You can smash a wall here and pull out a podium that needs to sit on the pressure plate. That’s the first puzzle solved.

Step 2: The moving waterwheel

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Next, turn your attention to the left-hand side of the big entrance. There’s a moving waterwheel with a path that moves past it across rocks and ropes. Follow it, and you’ll end up in a room with another podium. You need to shoot the wood the podium is standing on to get it down to the ground floor.

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Once you have, you need to move the objects in the room to clear the door. However, that door is still locked by a key. You can get this key by climbing on top of some of the objects in the room and taking it from where it hangs from the ceiling. All you need to do now is push the podium onto the pressure plate to solve this second puzzle.

Step 3: The Boatless dock

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To the left of where you entered the main chamber is another dock, but there’s no boat. Eivor will comment on the waterfall that you can see in the distance. Follow her instinct and go through the waterfall to find a new path. When you come to what looks like a wooden gate, climb up it. At the end, you’ll come to a boat and a mechanism that will give you a sphere for one of the plates in the main chamber.

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However, the path for the boat to exit through is blocked by the wooden box you climbed up to enter the area. Climb up the nearby scaffolding to find a similar box waiting lower down and a lot of rocks. You need to throw these rocks onto the box within the scaffolding to pull up the box that blocks the boat’s path. Once you’ve done this, you can sail back to the main chamber and place the sphere into one of the plates.

Step 4: The crack in the wall

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The final puzzle you need to solve lies on the right-hand side of the main chamber. Stand on the plate there and look at the wall to see the crack in it. You need to pass through there and pick up another sphere. The path ahead is through water, and if you fall in, you’ll drop the sphere. This means that you have to stay on the ledges and platforms all the way through this section.

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You’ll need to jump onto some objects in the water, place the sphere down, and shoot a net full of rocks to create an extra pathway. You’ll then need to stop and shoot out the supports from a platform to drop another object so that you can jump across it. Don’t try throwing the sphere because it’s a waste of time. Finally, you’ll need to shoot the rope holding a large square rock to move it out of your path. Be careful to avoid the walls of spikes in there.

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Once you emerge, you’ll need to move an object away from the door before you can leave. You’ll also need to kill quite a vicious snake that can inflict poison damage on Eivor. Place this sphere on a plate, and the main entrance will open.

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Inside the Tomb, you’ll meet Cassivellanus and hear him speak about who he was. Once that’s finished, you can loot the chest in the chamber for the Fallen Hero Breastplate. The path out of the Tomb is just past the chest.