How to complete Citadel: Garrus and recruit him in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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When you arrive on the Citadel and report what happened on Eden Prime to the Council, they’re not interested in hearing or of Saren’s treason in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. You’ll have to find the evidence to show them the truth, and one of the leads you can explore is Garrus, the Turian C-SEC officer who was on the case. He believes your story and that Saren is hiding something but was unable to find any evidence. Captain Anderson tells you to find Harkin in Chora’s Den.

Where to find Harkin

Chora’s Den is in the Lower Wards. You can make your way down there from the Citadel Tower to the Presidium and then down through the Wards Access route. There are two sets of elevators you have to go through before you make it to the Upper Markets.

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When you arrive at the Upper Markets, take to the door on your right through the Alleyway, and then another right where you’ll be able to make to Chora’s Den. You find Harkin in the back at a table by himself.

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Speaking with Harkin

Harkin will not be welcoming when you arrive. The conversation will end up with him revealing to you that Captain Anderson had once been a Sprectre. You can choose to investigate further through your conversation with him or have him directly reveal to you Garrus’ location.

We highly recommend having Harkin tell you Garrus’ location. There are no branching dialogue choices here or ways to increase your Paragon or Renegade stance. You’re better off completing the conversation and going to the Medical Clinic, where Garrus was investigating.

Finding Garrus at the Medical Center

You can reach the Medical Center from Chora’s Den by going the way you came in. You want to go back up through the Alley, returning to the Wards, and the Medical Clinic is on the far bottom right of the map.

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When you arrive, several thugs will be roughing up the doctor who runs the office, Dr. Michel. When you walk in, they attempt to grab her, giving Garrus, who is sneaking underneath the small wall nearby, time to get a head shot against the leader. This breaks into a fight, and you’ll have to eliminate the remaining thugs. When they’re gone, speak to Garrus.

He commends you for taking the shot, and you can choose to commend him or put him down for his efforts. Dr. Michel will report she’s doing fine, and she’ll explain the situation and why the men were there. She reveals that the men work for Fist, a shadowy figure who works on the station.

Dr. Michel patched up a Quarian on the station that had been shot. The Quarian had information about Saren she wanted to trade with the Shadow Broker and reached out to Fist. But Fist no longer works for the Shadow Broker, instead choosing to side with Saren. It’s believed that the Quarian likely has the evidence you need to prove Saren betrayed the council. Garrus offers to assist you in the matter and join your party.

Should you recruit Garrus?

This is the opportunity where you can choose to recruit Garrus to your party or not. Throughout the Mass Effect series, he is a major character and becomes one of Shepard’s closest friends and a potential love interest in Mass Effect 2 if you’re playing a female Shepard. You can choose not to recruit him now, but he will become a mandatory character in Mass Effect 2. He also has some of the best dialogue lines.