How to complete Citadel: Reporter’s Request in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A reporter’s work is never done.

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There are dozens of side quests to complete in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Many of them may not seem important to keeping the galaxy in tact, but they’re good ways to acquire XP and level up your party members. It also doesn’t hurt doing a nice deed here or there. A side activity that is very easy to miss is the Citadel: Reporter’s Request side quest. The first part of it can only be completed when you’re working your way through the main mission, and you defeat Fist.

How to find Fist’s OSD

You can only find Fist’s OSD when you’re in his office, and you’ve defeated him. This will happen in the main story when you discover that Fist has turned on the Shadow Broker, and is working for Saren. You will have recruited Garrus and Wrex by this point, and they’ll lead you to Chora’s Den to confront him. After beating him in his office, the OSD will be on the floor, and you need to pick it up. If you do not pick it up, you will not start this quest, and you won’t be able to activate it.

Where to find the Reporter

Once you’ve turned in the evidence about Saren to the Council and you conclude that meeting, you’ll be able to explore the Citadel again. You need to find a reporter who can take Fist’s OSD and turn it into a story. You can find that reporter on the Upper Wards portion of the Citadel, on the market level. You may have noticed her attempting to get your attention if you’ve passed through this area before.

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When you speak with her, you have the option to saying you were able to find anything in Fist’s office, or provide her with the disks. You’ve better off giving her the disks. She’ll provide you with some credits for your trouble, and you earn a small amount of XP for your trouble.