How to complete Companionship in No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers

Get some pets.


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Companionship is the sixth Milestone in Phase three of No Man’s Sky Expedition 1: Pioneers. It’s one of the later milestones that you’ll be completing in this Expedition, but it’s one that you could get out of the way early on if you tried. This guide explains how to complete Companionship early on so you can focus on the more challenging Milestones later on in your playthrough.

Befriend the first three creatures you meet

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To complete Companionship, you need to adopt three Companions. This is pretty easy since all you need is Creature Pellets. You can craft these from your inventory using 60 Carbon. Once you have some available, walk up to the nearest creature and interact with it to give it some food. This will allow you to interact with it again, at which point you’ll be able to adopt it as a Companion.

You can only adopt two Companions at a time when you first start Expedition 1: Pioneers. However, you can dismiss a Companion from the Companion menu. Do this once, then adopt another Companion, and you’ll complete the Milestone. Once the Milestone is complete, you can collect Nutrient Processor Plans and an Assorted Ingredients Collection from the Expedition menu.