How to complete Frustrated Child in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

A hero completes even the smallest tasks.

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There are multiple quests and activities for you to complete in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Many of them are streamlined for you to complete in no time, given the automatic travel and quick combat. A handful of tougher quests require you to speak to another person or purchase an item to give to someone who’s in trouble. There’s an annoyed child outside of a Gacha machine that needs some help beating it for the Frustrated Child quest.

How to find Frustrated Child

You can find the Frustrated Child quest in the Honei Urban Area. It will be right at the center of the region, to the east of Kamui Woods. When you reach this location, speak to the child in front of the Gacha machine, and they’ll explain they’re trying to obtain a certain toy from the machine but have failed each attempt.

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After you have the quest, there should be a shop owner on the same street. She has a red handkerchief on her head, with a yellow smock. Speak with her, and choose to purchase the three Gashapan Coin. These cost 500 Credits each. We recommend grabbing all three. Once you have them all, return to the child and tap the machine.

When you tap the machine, submit the Gashapan Coin to the Gacha Machine, and you’ll have a chance to obtain the item. It is not guaranteed to happen on your first try. You’ll complete the quest when you obtain a rare hero toy from the machine. With that item, click on the child next to the machine, and give them the toy.

Upon completing the quest, the child will share with you the location of a nearby collectible you can find in the city.