How to complete Futago Bridge’s first sanctuary in Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

A test of memory.


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The second area of Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight is Futago Bridge. Clouded in fog like Shiokaze Pier, this little town with a huge bridge between the two areas is a little spookier to explore compared to the harbor village. 

If you collected all of the obvious Source of the Earth lanterns scattered throughout the Shiokaze Pier, you should have enough to enter the sanctuary highlighted when you enter immediately. If not, you can find lanterns buried in the ground and hidden in some bushes on your way to the sanctuary.

Once you enter, it will be a similar scenario as the sanctuaries in Shiokaze Pier. Four torches will need to be lit with challenges. This set offers a different challenge compared to those, with a focus on memory and puzzle.

First trial – Front left

Tasomachi Futago Bridge torch 1
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The first trial is a teleporter challenge, where you will be transported to a platform with four points to walk on. You need to get the correct sequence to progress across. If you get it wrong, you will be sent back to the beginning.

The sequence to follow to get across is to use the first teleporter, then the one directly in front of you, then directly behind you, and finally the teleporter on your left. This will take you to the other side to pick up your reward and light the torch.

Second trial – Back left

Tasomachi Futago Bridge torch 2
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Large towers with small grass paths leading to the end will appear, but as you approach the nearest path, a large ghostly wall will block your way. There is a set path that you need to take to avoid these walls, which will only appear when you get close to them.

As you look forward, the correct path starts on the far right-hand side, continue on past the first fork, and then turn left. From here, go left again, then right twice. Left, and then right twice again before you head straight on the next fork, and then a final left that should take you to the end of this trial.

Third trial – Front right

Tasomachi Futago Bridge torch 3
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On the first approach, it will look like you have no way across the pillars, but if you check the small black platform on the left and stand on it, you will be presented with a path to walk. However, they only show temporarily, so you will need to be fast to run across.

Thankfully, the platforms are still there even after the lights on them have disappeared. You will need to memorize the path to the next pillar. Once you reached it, the next one will show. There are jumps on the path, so take care to remember this once they disappear. 

Fourth trial – Back right

Tasomachi Futago Bridge torch 4
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For the final trial, you will need to stand on the platforms in the correct order for them to trigger the opening of the door at the end of the room. It only requires you to stand on each stone once to trigger it.

The correct sequence you need to follow is the front left tile, followed by the back right, then the back left, and finally the front right. You will hear a bell sound to confirm that it has been entered correctly, and the door should slowly open.

After completing this final trial, head to the four large torches and head up the steps to the doors that lead to the tree for this sanctuary. You will receive a further lantern and the dash ability.