How to complete Hard at Work in the Jungle in Pokémon Snap

An apple a day.

Image via The Pokemon Company

One of the requests in Pokémon Snap’s Founja Jungle area is “Hard at work in the Jungle”. Professor Mirror has spotted some Pikipek’s flying around Toucannon nests but has no idea what they are doing. The curious-minded Professor wants you to find out for him.

Roughly have way through the day time route on the Founja Jungle map, players will come to a pool of water with various Pokémon around it. After that they will be able to see a tree with a hole in it on the left hand side.

If they throw a piece of fruit in the hole, a Pikipek will fly down and grab it, then carry it to the Toucannon nest. Capturing a photo of the Pikipek in flight, with some fruit held in its little bird feet, will be enough to finish up the challenge when you get back to the lab.

As you can see, it is not terribly complicated, you simply need to keep a close watch out for the tree with the hole about three quarters of the way up the truck that will appear after the first small pond area.