How to complete Hide ‘n Squeak and find three penguins in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Some Super Mario 64 vibes with this one.

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Once you acquire the soundwave ability on Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope’s second planet, Pristine Peaks, you’ll be able to take on a batch of new side quests. One of the trickier ones is called Hide ‘n Squeak, and it involves tracking down three missing penguins. Once you meet the Spark Regenesis by the frozen lake, you’ll be asked to find its friends.

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How to find the 1st penguin in Hide ‘n Squeak

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All three penguins are near the lake, and the first is found at the waterfall by the bridge. Use a soundwave to bust open the glowing rock and find it. Pick it up and toss it onto the boat in the lake to bring it home — the throw lines up automatically if you stand close enough.

How to find the 2nd penguin in Hide ‘n Squeak

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Now head to the southwestern part of the lake. Enter the pipe there and use your soundwaves to knock down the blocks on the proceeding path to reach the penguin’s ledge. It’ll be running in and out of some small openings, so use your dash to catch it. Bring it back to the boat as well.

How to find the 3rd penguin in Hide ‘n Squeak

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The third penguin is in a tree just around the corner from the Item Shop by the lake. Simply shake it to knock the little thing loose, then bring it back to the boat.

How to complete the Hide ‘n Squeak side quest

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With all three penguins returned, the side quest is almost complete, but you’ll need to clear a combat encounter to seal the deal. To destroy the three Darkmess Eyes, you must first dash through an explosive seed then throw it at the nearby Eye. Note that the the bottom right Eye from where you start acts a bit strange: you have to throw the seed from the broken bridge for it to actually connect. Mind the enemies and stick together, and you’ll get through this encounter pretty easily. Your reward for all this effort will be adding Regenesis to your team.