Hitman 2: Raking It in Whittleton Creek Challenge Guide

Hitman 2 never ceases to amaze us, and sometimes finds rather creative ways to make us injure our enemies. As for this challenge, in which we are asked – as the name suggests – to knock a target out using a rake (yes, a rake). Nothing in this world is simple and this challenge is no exception. In this guide, we show you some useful tricks you should follow to complete the Raking It in Whittleton Creek Challenge.

Raking It in Whittleton Creek Challenge

How To Complete Raking It in Whittleton Creek Challenge

Getting ready for this challenge is pretty easy. The only thing that is strictly required is having the lockpick equipped. It also helps having the Suburb Sign starting location unlocked (if you want to check, we’re talking about Whittleton Creek Mastery Rank 11).

Where To Find Rake

The first thing to do is to find your rake (nobody can rakehurt without a rake, right?). So go and get it:

  • Reach the north-western corner of the map
  • Head south down the street
  • Look for a yellow pickup truck (you will find it to your right)
  • Look behind the truck and you will find your so wanted rake

How To Sneak Into Janus’ House

The second part of the plan consist of sneaking into your victim’s house. Fortunately, old man Janus lives right across the street. Even infiltrating the house is quite simple:

  • Find the garage and look for a control panel (you will find it on the outer wall around the corner)
  • Pick the control panel’s lock
  • Use the panel’s lock to open the garage door
  • Sneak inside and avoid guards
  • Use the panel inside to close the garage door again

How To Knock Janus Out

Now all you have to do is wait for Janus and knock him out (if you began the mission at the Suburb Sign he should already be there, otherwise wait a bit until his return). And now things become interesting:

  • Remember to manual save if you think you may fail
  • Put out of games the guard on the first floor
  • Take his disguise and hide his body; we suggest you to hide it in the storage crate in the garage
  • Place the rake at the bottom of the stairs, figuring Janus stomping on its metal head
  • When Janus walks down the stairs you will have cleared the challenge