How to complete Holding the Line in Shin Megami Tensei V

These villainous demons are trying to infiltrate the Tokyo where humans reside.


Screenshot by Gamepur

In Da’at: Shinagawa, you may stumble across a Principality demon hiding out near some cargo containers. It will request that you locate and terminate a group of Lilim that are plotting to infiltrate Tokyo. While this isn’t the entire story, as is the case with most quests in Shin Megami Tensei V, you can choose to side with Bethel and eliminate the agents of Chaos, or you can talk it over with the Lilim and take their quest, which is called Those Seeking Sanctuary. This guide will help you complete the Principality task.

Head to the Lilim, located in the screenshot below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Lilim will offer you an opportunity to side with them, but if you believe in the Grace of God, you can instead engage them in combat. Six Lilim will face you, which can be a little scary considering that is minimum 6 Press Turns until you start knocking some out. The Lilim are weak to Ice, so if you happened to pick up a Jack Frost or something with Mabufu, you can easily take them down. The scariest thing about this fight is if you fail to take them out, they will respond with either Marin Karin, which can cause huge issues for your team, or Mazionga, which can chunk anything that doesn’t resist it.

Once complete, head to the Principality to claim your reward — 4,000 experience, a Light Sutra, and your very own Principality demon.