How to complete Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot request in Pokémon Snap

It’s tucked away.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be learning a lot about the Pokémon you encounter in Pokémon Snap. You have the rare opportunity to encounter them in their natural environment. With a few tricks, you can see them performing unique actions you’d never see them doing in a traditional Pokémon game. Many of the characters in the game will request you take photographs of a Pokémon doing a specific action in the game. One of these requests by Professor Mirror is called Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot and wants you to photograph the foot Hoothoot is consistently hiding. You need to complete this on the Florio Nature Park tour at night.

You need to draw out the hidden foot because Hoothoot is normally seen standing up on only the one. When working your way through the Florioa Nature Park, there are only two instances towards the end of the course that you can find a Hoothoot. One is the tree next to the lake where you see Hoothoot hiding inside a hole during the day, and the next is the sign right next to the flower field. We found that taking a snapshot of Hoothoot on the sign was much easier between the two locations.

When your NEO-ONE is in front of the sign, you want to aim your reticle at Hoothoot and hit it with fluffruit at it. When you hit the Hoothoot, its second leg appears underneath it to try and help it catch its balance. While it’s attempting to remain on the sign, snag a photo of the struggling Pokémon and complete the request.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you return to the research center, click the ‘Y’ button and go to the full list of requests. Click on the ‘Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot’ tab, and accept your reward from Professor Mirror.