How to complete How the Mighty Fall in Dubai in Hitman 3

It’s how you get things done.

There are multiple ways for you to take out a target in Hitman 3. A great way to do it is to follow some of the many opportunities that appear in a mission, giving you a specific way to take out a target. In Dubai, you can find the mission called How the Mighty Fall.

You can start it by entering the Atrium area and then taking the stairs on the left side of the room. There will be a terminal you can interact with at the top, and you can choose to accept the opportunity.

Interact with a map terminal

Once you’ve started the mission, Grey breaks down; he wants completely share his revenge with the Partners, but he wants you to secure a server room. To find the location of the server room, you’ll need to access a map terminal. There’s one on the Atrium portion’s right side, the opposite side of where you started How the Mighty Fall.

Infiltrate the staff area

Grey believes the best route to the server room is through the staff area upon reviewing the map terminal. A new opportunity notification marker will appear on the map. It’s back on the other side of the map, next to the stairs you used to make it up to the Atrium.

When you arrive in the staff area, it will be blocked by a keycode. But Grey quickly learns the password. It’s 4-7-0-6. Type that into the keycode, and you’ll be able to access the door.

Grey will mention that there is quite a bit of security in this area after arriving through the door and recommends a scenic route. However, before venturing further, there will be two NPCs in front of you. In the left corner, there’s a vacuum you can activate to use as a distraction. That will bring one of the event staff over, and you can knock them out. That leaves the final one, who is smoking. Take them out, and you can wear their outfit to gain the event staff disguise.

Take the scenic route

With those two event staff out of the way, proceed down the hallway. There will be two security guards standing next to a vending machine, and while they may notice you, you can slip past them to the next one, so long as you don’t linger in their sight for too long. Once inside the room, you need to scan the window with your camera, but the event security guard standing there finds you suspicious. To get past this guard, return to the hallway you just came, and there’s a bathroom where you can overflow the sink.

All you have to do now is wait for one of the guards to investigate, go inside the bathroom with them, and subdue them to take their disguise. Now, both guards will not find you suspicious, and you can scan the window to gain access to it. But wait until the room is clear to use it.

With the window open, you can vault onto the side of the ledge and make your way to the next route. You have to shimmy along the ledge to the right until you find a pole and then climb to the top. There should be a scaffolding you can stand on, right next to the mission waypoint. When you arrive there, scan the window to open it and enter the hallway.

Find the server room

The next step is to find the server room, but you will be trespassing in your current disguise. We recommend you find another, and you can do so by crouching low to avoid detection and proceed to the storage room on the far left of the hallway. There will be a maintenance worker in there, and you dispatch them, taking their disguise.

Luckily, the server room is connected to the storage room. Proceed inside, and you’ll have access to the servers that Grey needs.

Activate the manual override procedure

The server terminal is at the center of the room. Unfortunately, it’s locked, and you cannot access it unless you override it. You have to do it manually by pulling one of the server racks in the room. No matter which one you pull, the silent alarm will go off, and you have to hide. Two guards will enter after you trip the alarm. Once they leave, Grey figures out you can use a keycard instead.

To the left of the server, the room is a hallway you can take to lead you to a maintenance worker who has it. You’ll have to walk past someone who will recognize you while wearing the maintenance disguise, but if you’re quick, they won’t bother you. Subdue the maintenance worker how you like, so long as it’s quiet, and they will drop the keycard when they die. Pick it up, and return it to the server room to swipe it. The server module to the far left will be changed. Pull that one, and it will not trigger the alarm, giving you access to the terminal. You’ll be able to rearrange the schedule by clicking the first block on the terminal, and then you can move on to the next step.

Find a penthouse guard disguise

Before you can meet with the Partners at the meeting, you need to acquire a penthouse guard disguise. Multiple guards are walking around the current floor, but there’s one right outside the maintenance room. When they walk into the corner with the water jug, subdue them, and then drag them into the maintenance room. You can store their body inside of the closet and then take their disguise to attend the meeting.

Infiltrate the penhouse floor

With the penthouse guard disguise, you can now make your way upstairs to meet with the Partners. However, one guard on this floor will recognize you on the way to that meeting. You can quickly bypass them by taking a left to enter the conference room, and then you can run upstairs without any issues until you reach the Partners. When you arrive in the same room as them, activate the security terminal, and the door will shut behind you, and Grey will appear on the screen, speaking to them. The trio goes back and forth, and in the end, you’ll be able to finish the mission by taking them out. After offing them in any way of your choosing, activate the secure room console again, and then leave through any exit you choose.