How to complete Hunt missions in Rainbow Six Extraction

Hunt your prey.

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Hunt missions are one of the many different types of missions you will take on in Rainbow Six Extraction. These missions require you to stay vigilant and kill multiple enemies. While stealth is not necessary, it makes Hunt missions a lot easier. Here is how you can complete Hunt missions in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you begin a Hunt mission, you will first be tasked with taking out smaller enemies to lure out the primary target. These smaller enemies are usually weaker enemies that can be taken out rather quickly. The first targets will be scattered around the map. Taking them all out will lure out the larger, more ferocious enemy.

Destroy all the smaller enemies to make the primary target appear. This Archaean will have a health bar above its head and take a while to kill. Stay on your toes, and be sure to destroy any nests that you find. The primary target will lure out other enemies in the area, so be sure to take out any enemies you find to limit the amount that will come after you. There is no need to remain stealthy during this stage of the mission. Once the primary target is killed, you can move on or head to the extraction zone.