How to complete I Find This Amoosing challenge on Dartmoor in Hitman 3

It’s all pun and games.

The Dartmoor map in Hitman 3 is full of fun, inventive ways for you to take out your target, Alexa Carlisle. She’s the head of the Partners organization, and she’s conducting a funeral for herself, even though she is not dead, at her estate with her family. One of the many ways you can take her out is by having a large chandelier full of moose antlers fall on her in the I Find This Amoosing challenge.

Where to find the chandelier

The moose chandelier is inside the mansion, inside the foyer. Alexa will be walking on level 0 of the estate, and you want her to be right underneath it. Unfortunately, she will not be directly under it while she walks her path. If you attempt to knock it down while walking around, it will miss her, and you won’t get the chance. You will have to lure her underneath it.

How to lure Alexa underneath the chandelier

Alexa is not easy to lure underneath the chandelier. You have to wait until she’s in the middle of the foyer, closest to the middle of the room. From there, on the floor above inside of her library, you want to toss a coin down to the middle of the room. Like every in the game, when an object is thrown near her, and there’s a noise, she’s lured to it to investigate what it is. To ensure none of them investigate it, you have to take out the guards on the bottom floor, closest to the stairs.

Before doing that, you need to take out the two guards overlooking the foyer. The first one is roaming around, on patrol, so you can lure him away using a coin and leading him to the side room. The one watching the middle of the foyer is a bit more tricky. You can lure him to the back, where there is a terrace. When he turns to return to his post, grab him and leave his body outside. With those two no longer overlooking the foyer, take out the two guards at the bottom stairs, use coins, and then return to the top of the foyer to wait for Alexa to continue her route through the room. However, there’s also another guard following her. You can take them out at any time to get Alexa alone. When she’s in the middle of the room, use the coin to lead her directly to the center of it.

When she’s investigating the coin you threw, take out your silent pistol, and shoot the wire holding the chandelier to the ceiling. The objective will fall, taking Alexa down. You’ll also gain points for eliminating it and making it appear as if it were an accident.