How to complete Ino’s Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Find and complete Ino’s Ascension Quest.

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Just like every other Hero, Ino has an Ascension Quest that will let you bring the Noponic Champion class to Rank 20. It is easy to forget since obtaining the class is the top priority for most players, but the Ascension Quest does exist. Starting the quest is not difficult either, and you should already have the locations necessary to complete it.

The Ascension Quest will take place across multiple regions, but it is easier than it sounds. As long as your party is around the recommended level and you have good class configurations, you shouldn’t have a problem.

How to begin Ino’s Ascension Quest

Ino’s Ascension Quest is The Hero of Noponkind, and it has a recommended level of 48. To begin, you must have someone in your party who has the Noponic Champion at Rank 10. Noah is the most likely candidate since he inherits the class, but anyone will do.

Head to the Namba Mound Camp in the Fornis Region, the same place where you learned how to upgrade the High Ether cylinder for the first time. Make sure Ino is in your party, and a scene will begin upon reaching the camp.

Completing the Ascension Quest

Sunny talks about the Nopon eater and will direct you to Paroro, who is at the Engardo Camp in the Pentelas Region. The Camp is just before the exit to Keves Castle, past where you fought Ethel and Cammuravi. When you arrive, Paroro will tell you that the Nopon Eater was last sighted in the Urayan Trail. That is the northwest part of the Pentelas Region, which can be accessed if you go to the southeast exit of the Fornis Region.

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Head towards the objective marker, moving around a cliff to ensure you don’t fall off. You will see a large red bird/flying monster, which is the Nopon Eater. Move towards it to begin a fight. It’s not a boss battle, but it will be a tough fight if you aren’t prepared. Use the Break > Topple > Launch > Smash combination to take it out quickly.

After getting it down to half health, the battle ends. Return to the Engardo Camp and you will reunite with Sunny, who wants you to get materials necessary to create a special Pollen Orb. The Orb has a number of ingredients, but you can use any combination to reach 100% completion. Here are the ingredients:

IngredientCompletion Percentage
Panda Pansy15%
Suite Pea15%
Anarchy Orchid5%
Black Iris20%
Shiny Rose5%
Mosaic Petal10%
Honking Shrub25%

Panda Pansies and Suite Peas can be found in the Aetia Region. Anarchy Orchids and Chrysanthemanys can be found in the Fornis Region. Black Irises and Shiny Roses are found in the Pentelas Region. Honking Shrubs and Mosaic Petals can be found in the Cadensia Region. You may already have the required amounts if you have been exploring and picking up collectibles.

After obtaining enough materials, you will get the special Pollen Orb necessary to stop the Nopon Eater from running. You learn that it was last seen in the Anu Shoals at Erythia Sea, in the Cadensia Region. The closest landmark is the Anu Shoals Camp if you haven’t already been there, otherwise it is the Seaspray Lookout landmark.

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You will have to climb up the mountain in order to reach the Seaspray Lookout, then use the nearby rope to land near the Nopon Eater. The second battle will be against a Level 49 Nopon Eater, but it won’t be too different from the last fight.

After lowering it to half health, the Nopon Eater will no longer be able to flee. Unfortunately, it is now Level 50, is restored to full health, and is enraged. Thankfully, you can now defeat it without worrying about fleeing.

When the battle is over, watch the scene and you will complete the Hero Quest. You can now boost the Noponic Champion class to Rank 20, and Ino will automatically jump to Rank 20 herself.