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How to complete Komeji’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative

Life is one great big laugh.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

As you play through AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, there will be points where the plot will begin to branch. The first instance of this happens early in the game during the tutorial Psync, but the next one won’t happen until much later. One of these branching paths will occur while delving into the subconscious of everyone’s favorite failing stand-up comedian. If you’re having trouble with Komeji’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, here is everything you need to wrap your head around.

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Komeji’s Psync in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative and how to complete it

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you first drop into Komeji’s Psync, you’ll be greeted with what Tama believes is a great stand-up routine. After the cutscene, Komeji will wander off to start his walk-around comedy show. Follow him to the stage. He’ll turn to Tama for some guidance when he gets into a bind.

We’re going to suggest something a bit counter-intuitive here and say that you want to give Komeji at least one incorrect prompt during his Psync if you want to get the achievement for finishing within the time limit. First, have Tama write “Quiz” on the cue card. This will cost you ten seconds of your time in Komeji’s Psync, but it will give you a 1/6 Timie, which will come in handy later, which we won’t use until the very end of the section. Go through the cutscene and talk to Komeji again. This time, have Tama write “Super Funny Gag” on the cue card, and you will advance the plot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the cutscene, follow the blockhead over to the arcade area. When prompted, write “Autograph” on the cue card, and you’ll get a bit more insight into his money woes. It seems Komeji’s problems started when he took on someone else’s debt.

Follow him over to the balloon vendor. When prompted, tell him to “Inflate a Balloon,” and, like a good performer, he will. Turns out the balloon is a metaphor for his debt, which kept getting bigger and bigger until it finally burst. We find out how he got into bed with loan sharks and got into so much trouble before he wanders off again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Up next is where the story path branches in Komeji’s Psync. Head over to the entrance to the amusement park and find him talking to someone. His lenders have begun threatening not just him but his son Shoma as well. When prompted, you’ll have the choice between writing “Prepare the money!” or “Protect Shoma!” on a cue card for him. Unlike previous prompts, there isn’t necessarily a wrong choice here. Both will advance the plot and lead to a different ending.

Path A: Prepare the Money!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Choosing this path will reveal more information about Komeji’s dealings with the yakuza and some of the tasks they gave him to cover his debt. Head back to the arcade area of the amusement park. This part of Komeji’s Psync focuses on his role as an arms dealer. Write “Find someone good at games” on the cue card, and it will progress the story forward.

Head to the airplane ride in the middle of the park and speak to Komeji. Choose “One More Round!” as the cue card prompt. You’ll get more information from Komeji’s Psync and a stark warning about the dangers of debt and loans in the first place.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, you’ll need to follow Komeji to find a special glowing item tucked away beside the Ferris Wheel. You’ll have three choices for the final cue card of Komeji’s Psync, each with a hefty time penalty. Remember that Timie that we picked up at the start of the level? Use it and pick “Take,” and watch the rest of the cutscene unfold. It will raise further questions about what Komeji found, but that is a problem for Ryuki to unpack when he wakes up.

Path B: Protect Shoma!

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to see Komeji have a turn at being a good father, then pick “Protect Shoma!” at this prompt. He’ll give a speech about how money doesn’t buy anything important, and his top priority is his son. Head over to the train ride and speak to Komeji there. Choose “Ride it!” from the choice of prompts and watch the cutscene. This will unlock Mental Lock 3 and progress Komeji further along the path of being a decent father.

Head to the Sky Cycle area and climb the stairs to the top. You’ll find Komeji waiting there, complaining about having to pedal. Pick “Chase!” to have him take off after Shoma. You’ll get some insight into why Komeji took on so much debt in the first place. Run over to the Ferris Wheel and talk to Komeji one more time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be faced with three final prompts, each with a massive 198-second time penalty. Remember that timie that we picked up earlier in the level? Now is the time to use it if you want to get the achievement for finishing Komeji’s Psync with time to spare. Use the timie and pick “Chase!” for your final cue card prompt of the section. You’ll get a bonus of 500 eyeballs to spend on outfits for Tama and the chance to repair the relationship between father and son.

No matter which route you take, there is still more of the mystery behind the Half Body Serial Killings to unlock. If you’re struggling to finish Tokiko’s Psync within the six-minute time limit, we have you covered on the right path to follow.

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