How to complete mission four: Under Pressure in Escape Academy

Pressure! Pushing down on me.

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Jeb is in the middle of maintenance on The Thresher but needs you to watch over things for a few minutes. Surely you can do that without anything going awry, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and you will soon be trying to solve a puzzle engineered by a puzzle master. Solve the puzzles and climb to safety before you drown. No pressure.

Floor One

We will break this guide by floors to make things a little easier. On the first floor, you won’t have to worry about the timer until you interact with the case on the box. Once you do that, the water will start coming in, and the timer will appear.

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Start the puzzle using the small key on the lock dangling from the power box. With the power box open, turn off the lights. With the lights off, locate the handprint on the wall. Interact with it to make the stones fall. This will allow you to grab the Screwdriver, Hammer, and Clippers. Turn the lights back on and use the hammer to pry off the board on the wall. This will reveal the word “Fear.” Type in fear on the keypad to unlock the door and advance to the next floor.

Floor Two

On the second floor, start things off by using the clippers to cut the wire and get the blue valve handle. Place the valve handle on the metal door. Take a look at the signs around the room. They say the following:

  • Yellow is odd
  • No valve should be set to 5
  • Red is double yellow
  • Blue is more than yellow but less than red
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These signs refer to the valves and what numbers they should be set to. When done correctly, the valves will have the following values:

  • Blue – 4
  • Yellow – 3
  • Red – 6

With the valves set correctly, the door will open. Go inside the room and spin the crank to get the Rusty Key. Use the key on the lock in the center of the second floor to get the Handicam. Attach the Handicam to the hook and use the crank to lower it into the water. This will reveal the word “Will” on the tv screen. Type the word into the keypad on the door to gain access to the next floor.

Floor Three

Start the third floor off by collecting the three Acrylic Sheets. These can be found on the wall near the ladder, on the couch, and in the box by the blue barrels. Place the Acrylic Sheets on the wall with the three peg boards so that they resemble the number 510. Input that number into the lock on the power box to unlock it.

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With the power box open, you will notice that it is missing a handle. The handle is hidden in the safe. To get the combination, you will need to look at the inside of the toilet seat. The correct combination for the safe is Circle, Circle, Square, Spin the handle, Square. Input the correct code to open the safe. Take the handle and place it in the power box, and shut the power off. This will reveal the word “Slow” on the wall with the Acrylic Sheets. Turn the power back on and input the code on the door to open the path to the next level.

Floor Four

On the fourth floor, start by grabbing the two Strange Devices on the workbench with all the pipes. These will be needed soon. Afterward, grab the cipher sheet from the nearby pillar. Use the cipher sheet to decode the message written on the wall. The messages read: “Under Pressure” and “Over Weight.”

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Look around the room to find the signs that say Water Pressure and Water Weight. Plug the Strange Devices in the plugs next to the signs in the correct spot. Doing so will reveal the next word, which is “Your.” Input the word in the door lock to get open the path forward.

Fifth Floor

Open up the power box on the fifth floor and turn on the power to make it start flowing through the pipes. Following the electricity and turn the pipes to make the flow of electricity continue. Make sure to run the electricity to all of the panels marked with a small metal piece in the corner.

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Piece together the next word by taking one letter from each of the four panels marked with the metal piece. Doing this will get you the word “Mind.” Input this word into the door panel to access the final part of the puzzle. At the top of the ladder, you will be asked for the moral of the puzzle. To get the answer, you must input the word from each of the rooms in the order you solved them. The final passphrase is “Fear will slow your mind.” Enter the passphrase, and the door will open, completing the puzzle.