How to complete mission two: The Entrance Exam in Escape Academy

The Headmaster is unforgiving.

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You’ve succeeded where others have failed and passed the test that got you to Escape Academy. There isn’t time to relax, however, because you still need to pass The Entrance Exam, and the Headmaster won’t go easy on you. The room will be filled with a memory-erasing gas if you fail, and you will be wheeled out of the academy, never to return. To complete this puzzle, you will need to learn the Headmaster’s real name.

Obtaining the middle name

We will be working in reverse because you need to obtain the Headmaster’s middle name in order to obtain her first and last names. To start things off, take a look around the room and find the three receipts. You can’t pick them up, but the information on the receipts is important. The receipts can be found in the following areas:

  • On the corner table between the couches
  • On the far right side of the bookshelves
  • On the far left side of the bookshelves

The receipts will be for the following items:

  • Two clocks
  • Five potted plants
  • Three trophies
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Input code 253 into the lock on the briefcase on the glass table. This will open the suitcase and allow you to obtain the photos inside. The photos will be needed next. Go over to the bookshelf and interact with the one that has the books with the different country names on them. The photos that you picked up are each dated. To open the secret door, interact with the books on the shelf in the order of the dates on the photos. It goes in the following order:

  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Greece
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After interacting with the books in the correct order, the secret door will open, revealing the Headmaster’s study. Before going into the study, go to the other side of the room and pick up the Floppy Disk off the table near next to the grandfather clock. Go into the study and insert the Floppy Disk into the computer on the right side. This will bring up the secret message “Dead.”

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Now that you have the secret message. Interact with the piano in the study and play the keys D-E-A-D. This will open a compartment. Grab the UV Bulb from the compartment. Place the UV Bulb in the empty socket above the award case in the corner. This will reveal that the Headmaster’s middle name is Jaqueline.

Obtaining the first name

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To get the Headmaster’s first name, you will need to return to the office and interact with the handbag next to the main door. After obtaining the key:

  1. Go over to the Headmaster’s desk and use the key on the lock. This will open the drawer allowing you to obtain a Screwdriver and a photograph.
  2. Ignore the Screwdriver for now and focus on the photograph. You may have noticed the Fox Mask in the study.
  3. Take a look at the photograph. Sandy is the one wearing the Fox Mask in the photo. This means that the Headmaster’s first name is Sandra.

Obtaining the last name

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Remember the Screwdriver from earlier? It is time to use it. Use the Screwdriver on the vent next to where you got the key. Go through the vent to find a phone number at the end. The phone number is 952-4242. Go back to the Headmaster’s desk and input the phone number on the phone. After a ring, Jeb will pick up and state that the Headmaster’s last name is Solange. Input the Headmaster’s full name of Sandra Jaqueline Solange, into the machine next to the door to complete the puzzle.