How to complete mission one: Introductions in Escape Academy

This room has secrets.

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When you boot up Escape Academy and start a new game, you are immediately greeted by one of the world’s most unhappy employees as they throw you into your first escape room experience. After spending some time in this escape room, it becomes apparent that things aren’t what they appear to be, and the puzzles start to get a little more challenging. This introduction mission can prove to be a bit of a weird one. Here’s how you solve it.

Where to find the Key of Truth

When you start the room, immediately look at the podium. There is a message with a secret code that will tell you to look at the clock. A note on the clock on the wall will tell you to imagine that the time is 12:30. This number is important. Interact with the chest on the table and input the code 1230 on the lock. This will unlock the chest — pick up the Blue Goblet and the Mysterious Clue from the chest — these items will be used in the next step.

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Now that you have unlocked the chest, you will need to get the other goblets. Search inside the box and the garbage can near the door. The Yellow and Red Goblets can be found in those areas. Once you have all three goblets, look at the Mysterious Clue in your inventory. The pattern of the goblets is blue, yellow, red, red. Write down the letters in that order from the goblets to get the word Free. Type the word Free into the safe in the room to open it and retrieve the Key of Truth. Use the key on the door to start the second part.

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Where to find the Key of Lies

After getting out of the room, you won’t need to worry about a timer counting down anymore. Go into the lobby and start things off by gathering the code from the t-shirts on the wall.

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Type the code from the t-shirts on the remote on the nearby table. When done correctly, the following codes will appear on the TV.

  1. WRO
  2. NYYVR
  3. RRY

These may seem cryptic at first, but they are needed for the next step of the puzzle. Before continuing on to the next room, grab the business cards off the bulletin board next to the door marked restricted.

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Now that you have the business cards, enter the restricted door. You will immediately spot three scanners on the back wall with a mounted fish above them. Look to your right to find the cipher for the codes on the TV. You can easily see the TV from the room to decipher the codes. These codes relate to the business cards you picked up. Place the following cards in the scanners.

  • Jeb’s Business Card – Scanner One
  • Allie’s Business Card – Scanner Two
  • E.E.L.’s Business Card – Scanner Three
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When placed correctly, the fish will lift up and reveal the Key of Lies. Use the Key of Lies on the bathroom door. Go into the bathroom and open the last stall. From there, follow the pathway down to the bottom where you will meet the Headmaster of Escape Academy.