How to complete Noveria: Espionage in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Corporate politics.

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Not everything is a clean mess in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. There are a few murky tasks that you can complete to help make the galaxy a better place, or sometimes worse, depending on what type of Shepard you want to play. When you arrive on Noveria, an Asari named Mallene Calis wishes to speak with you regarding an employee of Binary Helix, and if you work for her, she can implant a virus onto their device so she can use it for spying on their corporation.

Finding Noveria: Espionage

You can find the Noveria: Espionage mission in the hotel inside the Noveria facility when you arrive. Mallene is to your immediate left when you walk into the hotel, and she’ll be attempting to ask for your attention when you walk into the room.

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Should you help Mallene?

When speaking to Mallene she’ll explain her plan to you, and that you’ll be paid for your task. You can choose to go the Paragon route, citing Alliance regulation and how the uniform is extremely important to you, forcing Mallene to no longer view you as an asset, and walk away. You’ll be rewarded eight Paragon points, and the mission is over. This is the best way to earn the most Paragon points for this quest. Although, you can choose to help her, speak with you can even more Paragon points and experience points.

If you agree to help Mallene, go over and speak with Rafael Vargas, a human agent for Binary Helix. You can speak with him, and immediately after introducing yourself, you can tell him the Asari wants to spy on him. Going down this route earns you Paragon points and experience. To receive these points, return to Mallene and let her know what you’ve done.

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If you’d prefer to go down the Renegade route, keep speaking to Vargas about wanting to work with Binary Helix. Whenever Vargas performs his tell, which is rubbing the back of his neck. When he does this, press him on the fact, and it requires you to have high Charm or Intimidate to complete these tasks. All you have to do is continue the conversation until you hear the beep of the device. You’ll be finished, and you can return to Mallene for your reward and your Renegade points.

However, if you want to earn the most Renegade points, back all the way up to agreeing to work with Mallene, go over to Vargas and immediately tell him what’s going on, as if you were to go down the Paragon route. When you return to Mallene, choose the option to lie to her about completing the objective and receive the payout from her. It’s the best way to receive the most Renegade points.