Colleagues 2 Quest Guide – Escape from Tarkov

Complete Part 2 of Escape From Tarkov’s Colleagues questline with our guide!

If you’re reading this, you have probably already completed Part 1 of Escape From Tarkov‘s new Colleagues quest. The second part of the quest comes with a new batch of objectives that have you searching for objects in-game and surviving.

If you need some help on finding these objects, then look no further. The objectives and mission summary for Part 2 are as follows:

  • Obtain in raid Sanitar’s surgery kit, marked with a blue symbol
  • Hand over Sanitar’s surgery kit to Therapist
  • Obtain in raid Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope
  • Hand over Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope to Therapist

“The loss of my people on the shoreline is certainly a very unpleasant event, but a new source of medicine is more important. We just need a different approach to this case. My assistant managed to bribe a local from the shoreline to tell us about the Medic we’re looking for. He has a small security detail, a few points on the shoreline, but it’s strange, but he performs surgery right on the street, and often hides tools near such places, in buildings nearby. Get these tools. The Sanitar will be more cooperative if he realizes that we can stop his trade at any time and take control for the territory.”

Ophthalmoscope Location

Head back to the Shoreline part of the map for this item. The Ophthalmoscope is located in one of the locked cottages. You will need to find the Cottage Back Entrance Key (found in Jackets and pockets and bags of Scavs) to unlock the Cottage. Head inside, head upstairs, and go to the room with the computer.

The Ophthalmoscope will be inside the potted plant.

Opthalmoscope Location

Surgical Kit Location

To find the Surgical Kit, head to the blue Norvinsk building at the pier, on the second floor. Go upstairs, and you will find a shelf to the right of a computer desk and safe. The Surgical Kit is on top of this shelf.

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Surgical Kit Location

Since you’re there, you can use the Pier Extraction Point to leave the map and then deliver both items to the Therapist.

Escape From Tarkov is available now on PC and Mac.