How to complete Personal Goals in Two Point Campus

Your students have some ideas of what you should add to the campus.

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Students will have personal goals in Two Point Campus that they want to see fulfilled by the administrative staff. These goals can typically center around adding particular items to the campus, or hosting certain events, depending on the needs of those who have signed up for your classes. Taking care of these is a good way to stay on the student’s good side and encourages them to succeed. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Personal Goals in Two Point Campus.

How Personal Goals work in Two Point Campus

You will receive a student’s Personal Goals in your messages. They appear with a bullseye attached to the letter, describing why they want you to purchase an item or hold a particular event on your campus. You can buy the required item and set it down in a specific room or on your campus, or you can select to reject the event. Picking the reject options does not lower your credibility or decrease your relationship with these students, but it is a missed opportunity to improve their happiness on campus.

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These goals can be as small as adding potted plants to your campus’ lawn or adding a new building to your existing structure. Some students may request you to make a Student Lounge, a Gym, or other facilities they believe would enhance their experience while attending your university. You can choose the best times to prioritize a student’s goals, but you want to keep the time limit in mind and try completing them before the end of the year.

You may not have enough space on your current campus and need to purchase another lot to expand. Unfortunately, this takes a great deal of income. You don’t want to go into debt trying to purchase another more considerable lot unless you’re confident you can pay back that money quickly.