How to complete Sabotage missions in Rainbow Six Extraction

Sabotage the enemy and gain the advantage.

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There are a bunch of missions that you can be tasked with in Rainbow Six Extraction. One of these mission types is called Sabotage. Sabotage missions require you to place and defend bombs that you place around the area to destroy Archaean pillars. Here is how you complete Sabotage missions in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sabotage missions are one of the more difficult mission types in the game. When you first enter a Sabotage mission, you will be tasked with locating an Archaean monument like a pillar and placing a bomb on it. It is recommended that you bring some strong firepower because things will turn difficult rather quickly.

Go through the area until you get notified that you are near the objective. Before placing the bomb, search the area for any enemies and nests. Take them out before proceeding to make things a little easier. It is also important to barricade the area before placing the bomb. Once the bomb is placed, get ready to defend the objective. You will have to defend the objective from waves of Archaeans for a certain amount of time, depending on the difficulty level of the area. Once the bomb detonates, the enemies will stop, and you will be free to move on or extract from the area.