How to complete Scan the Keepers in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – All Keeper locations

They’re all over, keeping things running smooth.

After you’ve spoken with the Council in the first Mass Effect game in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you’ll be tasked with exposing Saren and his involvement with the attack on Eden Prime. This is also the moment things open up in Mass Effect, and you can start grabbing a few side missions. One of these side missions starts in the Citadel Tower, near the Council Chamber.

There will be a Salarian named Chorban who will be messing with one of the green bugs. These creatures are the keepers, and they handle a lot of the maintenance that happens on the Citadel. He’ll ask you to scan them, and you’ll have to find all 20 locations of them. You can find them throughout the Citadel in several locations.

All Keeper Locations

Citadel Tower

There are four Keepers you can find in the Citadel tower.

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  • The first Keeper will be next to Chorban
  • The second Keeper is in the small corner to the right of the first keeper, behind the Rear Admiral
  • The third is on the same level where you spoke to the council, on the upper floor. It will be tucked away in the back area, on the right side
  • The fourth Keeper is closer towards the entrance, in a small area to the left of the stairs before you move down towards the elevator


There are eight Keepers in the Presidium area of the Citadel.

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  • The first one is immediately outside the elevator connecting to the Tower, next to Avina
  • The second is next to the stairwell that leads down to the Wards
  • The third is in the back area of the Embassy Lounge, which you can reach by going through the hallway next to the C-Sec HQ
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  • The fourth one is in the small room in the back of the Embassy lobbies, the room without a room. It will be in the middle in the far back
  • The fifth is in the Volus and Elcor office, in the back on the left
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  • The sixth Keeper is in front of the Consort Chambers, right before you enter this area, on the left
  • The seventh Keeper is on the bottom of the stairs, between the Emporium and the Consort Chambers
  • The eighth and final Keeper is in the very back of the Emporium, on the second floor. It is on the left side as you enter the second floor


There are eight Keepers on the Wards level of the Citadel.

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  • If you’re going down the elevator from the Presidium to the Wards, it’ll connect to the lower levels. In the second room, before you go down to the next area, there is a Keeper in the back left area.
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  • In the Upper Wards, connected from the Flux and Wards access, you can find a Keeper on the left side in the Alleyway
  • There is a Keeper to the right of the Med Clinic
  • The third Keeper in the Upper Wards in the Upper Markets, on the left side
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  • You can reach the Flux Casino by going up the stairs that are in the middle of the Upper Wards. You will find it in the very far back left of the casino, behind the games, on the second floor
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  • You can reach Citadel: Security through the stairs on the Upper Wards. When you come down the stairs, go to the left side of the are to the Requisition Officer, and there is one in the room, on the left side
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  • On the far side of the Citadel: Security map, in the Traffic Control center, there is a Keeper on the farside of the room, to the right of where you enter
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  • You can reach the Docking Bays from Citadel: Security, the center elevator will take you up to it. On the far end of the platform, on the right, will be a Keeper
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  • The final Keeper you can find in the Lower Wards that comes from the Citadel: Security room, on the bottom area below the Docking Bay elevator. In the right corner will be the final Keeper