How to complete Signs of the Lion in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This endurance test only lasts as long as you want it to.

Image via Blizzard

By now, you’re probably intimately familiar with Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The survival tower presents a gauntlet of challenges to earn Soul Ash and Anima while rotating weekly and potentially offering you a shot at legendary memories.

The latest addition to Torghast, however, is a reality check for your perseverance. Signs of the Lion asks you to complete the Twisting Corridors, a brutal spin on Torghast that consists of 18 total floors on your way to picking up three items: the Royal Ring, the Lion Emblem, and a Length of Light-Infused Chain.

Fortunately, there’s a trick you might not realize: you don’t need to complete 18 floors in a row to finish this quest. You can, for example, defeat the bosses on floor 6 and floor 12, earning the ring and emblem. If you exit or die, you can enter the Twisting Corridors once more, and after beating the boss on floor 6, they should drop the chain.

If you can, you should still consider spending as much time in the Twisting Corridors as you can. It’s an excellent opportunity to stockpile anima and souls, especially during the first round of six floors. Consider doing a group run of the Twisting Corridors if you’re only here for the quest and want to push through as quickly as possible.