How to complete Stolen Moon in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Who betrayed the family?

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The Stolen Moon quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can be done after you’ve rescued Woljif from beneath the Defender’s Heart tavern. You can do this by talking to him and then speaking with Irabeth on the first floor of the tavern. With Woljif in your party, he’ll ask you to return to his Family, where he’s been accused of betraying them for a talisman. To prove his innocence, you’ll have to complete the quest and find the culprit. First, you’ll need to speak with Sister Kerismei and agree to find the traitor to start the quest.

Find Irabeth

The Family believes Woljif betrayed them because the local authorities had arrived at the scene right when the heist started, and someone tipped them off. You’ll have to speak with Irabeth back at the Defender’s Heart to learn who her source was. While she will not tell you who it is, she revealed it was a Tiefling hidden behind a cloak. You’ll have to go to the scene of the crime to learn more, and she gives you the password to use on the Golem guarding the shop to force it to listen to you and reveal what it knows.

Ancientries and Wonders shop

The Ancientries and Wonders shop, which Woljif and the family attempted to rob, will now appear on the city map. You can visit the shop to speak with the Golem, whom you can find at the back right of the shop. Make sure to give it the proper password that Irabeth told you, which should be one of the dialogue options. When you do, the Golem will be able to tell you everything it knows about the various Tieflings that passed through the shop. After you read all three descriptions, exit the dialogue to perform an Athletics check on the Golem to move it, and reveal a trapdoor beneath.

When entering the trap down, you’ll find the shop owner, Finnean, in the basement. Speak with him, and he’ll be able to tell you more about the specific Tieflings that were outside the shop. Make sure to read all three descriptions. After you’ve done that, you can return to Sister Kerismei to reveal the traitor.

Correct Traitor in Stolen Moon

When you return to Sister Kerismei, you’ll have the opportunity to reveal what Tiefling gave them up, or you can choose to give up entirely and hand over Woljif, but that is inadvisable. Based on the Golem and Finnean’s descriptions of the traitor and of the Tieflings present, the correct answer is Melroun. They match all of the descriptions correctly.

Once you’ve told Sister Kerismei of the correct traitor, Woljif will be free. You can complete the quest by returning to the Defender’s Heart and speaking with Woljif in the tavern’s kitchen.