How to complete Stop the Inquisition in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

They will never expect you to finish this quest.

Image via Blizzard

Revendreth offers many different weekly opportunities in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Along with a regularly rotating world boss, pet battles, and rare treasures, quests like Stop the Inquisition can keep you occupied while you scour through the looming architecture of Revendreth. The Inquisitors make an entire existence out of torturing souls, but we’ll show you how to complete this quest and put a stop to their menace.

Once you pick up the quest from Gresit, you’ll need to start killing. All enemies in the surrounding area of the Halls of Atonement will drop Sinstone Fragments. You need to collect 100 of these; when you have the correct amount, go find Archivist Fane, located at (73.0, 52.0), as shown below:

After speaking with Fane, you can use your 100 Sinstone Fragments to give yourself an Inquisitor’s Sinstone. Completing this part of the quest will let you use the Sinstone to mark a specific location on your map, sending you into battle with one of the Inquisitors: Traian, Sorin, Petre, or Otilia.

When you reach the waypoint given to you by Fane, use the Inquisitor Sinstone you have earned through cashing in the Sinstone Fragments. This will summon the Inquisitor. The game recommends three players to take down whichever enemy spawns in your given location. After killing off the Inquisitor, you can return to the same building where you spoke to Archivist Fane and turn in your quest to Archivist Janeera for some gold and XP.