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How to complete Talkin’ Tosa in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Help prevent a communication breakdown.

Like its Yakuza series predecessors, Like a Dragon: Ishin offers many substory quests you can undertake which provide flavorful insight into the daily lives of citizens in its setting of feudal Japan. Substories are unlocked in Chapter 2, and throughout your journey, you’ll discover over 70 substories. One of them, Talkin’ Tosa is available during Chapter 3, which requires you to translate some letters. If you’re having some trouble getting the answers correct, we can help out below.

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How to find the substory Talkin’ Tosa in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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The substory Talkin’ Tosa can be found in Kawaramachi, Rakunai. In the northeastern corner above the Nichibuza Dance School, where you play the Buyo Dance minigame, you’ll meet a young man named Fujie. Fujie has been receiving letters written in heavy Tosa-ben dialect with which he is unfamiliar. He is looking for someone from Tosa who can help him make sense of the letter and, lucky for him, Ryoma is able to help.

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All correct answers for Talking Tosa! substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Fujie has a total of three letters that he needs help translating and will present one letter per visit. You will need to leave his location for a bit and revisit to get the next part of his substory. You can just travel to another part of the city or enter a building then head back to Fujie. When translating each letter, you will be presented with three multiple-choice questions in which you must choose the correct option. Below, you will find the correct answers to choose for each letter.

Talkin’ Tosa first letter answers 

  1. It’s been a while
  2. I
  3. She means “you”

Talkin’ Tosa second letter answers

  1. She means “is that every day?”
  2. Her heart aches
  3. Meet soon

Talkin’ Tosa third letter answers

  1. Stumble and fall
  2. Cowardly men
  3. Tell her how you feel

You will receive a reward after completing each part of the substory and, after translating all three letters and completing the substory, you will have received Fine Silk Fabric, Phoenix Feather, Platinum Chunk, and 350 Virtue.

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