How to complete TCG Crossover: Trade Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Find other trainers to trade these Pokémon.

Image via Niantic Labs

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) is receiving multiple Pokémon Go-inspired cards, and to celebrate the collection, the mobile game is hosting multiple collection challenges for players to complete. These collections feature many of the cards appearing in the card game, and you will now have the chance to catch them in the wild. This guide covers what you need to do to complete the TCG Crossover: Trade Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go and the Pokémon you need to find.

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All TCG Crossover: Trade Collection Challenge Pokémon

Unlike the other Collection Challenges for the TCG Crossover event, the Trade Collection requires you to interact with another player. You must find these four Pokémon in the wild and trade them with another Pokémon Go player. These are all the Pokémon you need to catch and trade for the challenge.

  • Trade a Bulbasaur
  • Trade a Charmander
  • Trade a Pikachu
  • Trade a Squirtle

Rewards: 10,000 XP and a lure module

Pokémon to trade

These four Pokémon are the more iconic choices from the original Pokémon games. They will appear in the wild during the event, with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle emerging reasonably often. You should have no trouble locating these Pokémon, but if you’re struggling, we recommend placing incense on your character or adding a lure module to a PokéStop to bring them to your location.

You won’t be able to find the standard Pikachu for the TCG Crossover event. Instead, you can catch a Pikachu wearing a TCG hat, and it will also be appearing in the wild. There is a chance for you to acquire a shiny version of each of these Pokémon, potentially adding some flair to your Pokémon Go collection.

Once you catch these Pokémon, reach out to another player and attempt to set up a trade. Other players will likely be eager to do so as they want to make similar trades with you to complete this challenge.