How to complete the Angry Birdy challenge on Dubai in Hitman 3

Keep your eyes on the birdy.

There are several challenges for each mission for those seeking to test their skills as an assassin in Hitman 3. Many of them require you to find creative ways to eliminate your target, through a specific method or using an unorthodox tool. For the Angry Birdy challenge, you’ll need to use an explosive golf ball to take out Carl Ingram. However, to complete this challenge, you must reach level 10 mastery with the On Top of the World mission for Dubai. There is one hidden in the level, but we’ve found starting with the golf ball is the best strategy and the quickest way to finish this challenge.

Once you have access to the golf ball, you can choose to smuggle it in any drop points or carry it on your person. We recommend that you smuggle it into the maintenance room and take on the event staff disguise to start at the meeting room. You’ll have an easier time traversing the level.

When you acquire the golf ball or choose to start with it, your next goal is to make it up to the penthouse. Ingram is consistently patrolling these halls, and you want to find him during a key moment. We recommend making your way up to the penthouse reception floor, grabbing a penthouse guard disguise, and then entering the penthouse unnoticed.

You may have to wait until Ingram makes it down into the study of his penthouse. This is on level four. As a penthouse guard, you can blend in on the couch. When you see Ingram arrive, wait until he sits down and starts speaking into his dictaphone. When he starts this loop, walk up from your spot, activate the radio, and leave the area. Ingram will be angry, but he won’t be ready to play golf.

Now, you have to follow him upstairs to his penthouse suite. Wait for him to walk around a little bit with his guards. He performs a bit of dialogue, and then you need to interact with the vacuum cleaner around the corner of his room. He’ll become furious that he can’t find any peace of quiet. The only way for him to calm down is to play some golf.

Because you know he’s on his way over, run over to the golfing area. It’s on the same floor as the penthouse study in the left side’s outdoor area. Head over there, and place the explosive golf ball on the tee. Now, all you have to do is wait for Ingram to take his shot, and he’ll explode, completing the challenge.