How to complete The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank in Deathloop

Learn to silence Frank without firing at him once.


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The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank is one of the main missions in Deathloop. By following it, you’ll learn how to kill one of the game’s Visionaries without needing to be anywhere near them, allowing you to combine his death with two others over the course of the day. This guide covers completing this mission and learning a route that will form a core part of every following day.

Step 1: Break into Frank’s

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The first part of this mission requires you to break into Frank’s club. It’s only accessible in the morning on Fristad Rock, so it’s your first port of call on a fresh day. Follow the road to the club, being sure to take out any enemies along the way. You can’t get inside the club through any of the doors without using a ClassPass. You can pick one of these up from the machines near each entrance. However, they’ll nullify your Slab, so be ready to fight without any abilities and sneak everywhere. Since all Slabs are nullified, this removes your ability to die twice.

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Once inside the club, you need to work your way around to Frank’s quarters. This means that you’ll need to take on most of the enemies in the building, including Frank himself. Make the most of the turrets around the club, throwing them at enemies and deploying them so that they do most of the work for you. When it comes to fighting Frank, you’ll need to draw him out of his recording booth. You can hack the doors on either side, but he’ll emerge after you waste his guards. Ensure you pick up his weapon because it’s extremely powerful.

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Frank’s room is on the level above the recording studio. Read all the notes on his computer to discover the location of the fireworks Frank uses in the evening. This will unlock the next step of the mission.

Step 2: Find the fireworks

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You can find the fireworks in Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. Pick a different location to kill a Visionary at noon, and then head to Karl’s Bay when you’re ready. All you need to do is follow the on-screen indicator to the container near Hangar 2, where you can kill Harriet in the morning. You’ll find a note telling you that the fireworks are inside, but you need the code. To find it, you need to go to Otto’s Workshop the next day at noon or later in the day.

Step 3: Otto’s Workshop at noon or later

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Otto’s Workshop has burned down by noon, leading you to believe that something has happened to it in the morning. This gives you the next step of the mission: to get into Otto’s Workshop in the morning and prevent it from burning down.

Step 4: Otto’s Workshop in the morning

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When you find Otto’s Workshop in the morning, it’s easy to see why the place burned down. A group of idiots has plugged various machines into the fireworks machine, leading it to overheat. Follow the glowing wires around the area to the blue machines and shoot them to destroy them. There are four of these that you need to deal with. Once you’ve destroyed them all, the fireworks machine will be working at a normal rate and won’t blow up the shop by noon.

Step 5: Find the code

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Your task now is to return to Otto’s Workshop at noon or later to pick up the code for the container. It’s worth doing this at noon since you can then go on to complete another part of this mission within the same day with the time you’ll have left.

Step 6: Open the container

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Now you’re able to visit Karl’s Bay in the afternoon and use the code to open the container. The code is the same for every loop (ours is 2547), so you can now visit the area from noon onwards on any following loop to mess with the fireworks. There’s no need to repeat everything that’s come before this point.

Inside the container, you’ll need to interact with the case to the right of the door. You need to select the option to mess with the rain flaps on the fireworks. This will cause the fireworks to malfunction and kill Frank when he tries to set them off in the evening.

Step 7: Wait until the evening

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The final part of this story mission is to go anywhere in the evening. Frank will die within a couple of minutes of starting the evening without any influence from you. With this mission complete, you can set this kill up in any future loop to allow you to kill Frank as well as any other Visionaries you physically encounter in the evening.