How to get a ClassPass in Deathloop

Where’s your ClassPass?

Image via Arkane Studos

A painful way to nullify your Slab powers in Deathloop is to attach a ClassPass to Colt. While the item is activated, you won’t be able to use any of your Slabs, which means you won’t be able to use your Reprise and revive yourself after death. Having this item on Colt is a hindrance, but it can get you access to certain locations, and finding it can be a little difficult.

The quickest way to locate it is to visit Frank’s place on Fristad Rock. When you initially arrive at the location, you want to stick to the left and follow the pathway to Frank’s hideout, where he’s set up a recording studio. There will be a handful of Eternalists along the way, and you’ll know you’re on the correct path if you see a large billboard overlooking a bridge. There will be an Eternalist on the bridge and an automated turret. You’ll want to make sure to hack the turret, so it doesn’t turn on you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the other side and make it to Frank’s entrance, a ClassPass is required to enter his building. There’s a ClassPass station immediately to the left of the entrance. However, once you have it, you can go anywhere you want on the island. The ClassPass will remain inside of Colt, but if he dies with it on, the loop will start over, and you’re going to lose it.

You can only acquire the ClassPass during the morning. If you visit it at other times in the day, you won’t find it. We highly recommend grabbing it in the morning and then completing other activities using it throughout the day during a loop.

The ClassPass is not like other, larger items on the item, and you can carry it without to each district, so long as it happens in the same day.