How to complete the Bitlife 420 Challenge

What are the requirements?

Who doesn’t want to try and complete the available 420 Challenge in Bitlife? There are a handful of requirements to need to address to come out on top successfully, and the lifestyle portion of it is likely the most challenging portion of it. Once you know the basics of what you need to do, it should be a smooth completion, but it requires plenty of careful attention.

These are the requirements you need to have to complete this challenge:

  • Be born in a location where recreational marijuana is legal.
  • Be a farmer.
  • Have a daughter named Maryjane and have a perfect relationship with her.
  • Be on a Hot Cheetos Diet for 30 plus years.

At the start of your life in Bitlife, you need to find out if the country your character is born in has access to recreational marijuana. The countries for this challenge only include the United States, Canada, South Africa, Georgia, and Uruguay. There are a handful of others that allow medical marijuana, but these won’t meet the requirements for the challenge.

The second requirement is to become a farmer, which is again reliant on luck, much like the country you’re born into. Your character does not need to meet any desired skills, but you do need to have the profession available in the jobs list. If you don’t have it one year, you need to wait for it to show up again. Once it does, you’re good to go, and you can start working on this job.

The third requirement is all about having your character attempt to procreate as quickly as possible and have a perfect relationship with the daughter. They don’t need a wife to do this or a partner, but they would need someone they can potentially sleep with to make this happen. The traditional route is far more straightforward, though, so going for a wife might be a good option. Once your child is born and its a daughter, change their name to Maryjane and spend as much time as you can with her. You can increase your relationship with her by having a conversation, giving her compliments, and finding any way to spend the day with her. If you need to speed things along, you can provide her with gifts.

The final and likely the hardest requirement is having your character survive on a Hot Cheetos diet for 30 plus years. You need to wait until your 18 to change your diet, which you can find in the mind and body tab. In that menu, look for the diet option and change it to Hot Cheetos. When this happens, you can only focus on eating Hot Cheetos for the remainder of the game, and your character’s stats will start to go down quite negatively, noticeably their looks and health. You can attempt to fight this eventual decay by spending time at the gym, meditating, going for long walks, doing Martial Arts, and visiting doctors.

Unfortunately, this is the roughest bit, so you need to do your best to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle before you’re 18 and then continue it moving forward. If you don’t, your character may have an unavoidable health risk later in life.

The 420 Challenge in Bitlife is a bit harder than you’d imagine. It does require a bit of luck when attempting to complete it, but once you’re 18, it should be smooth sailing as you try to balance the horrible diet with a healthy and active lifestyle.