How to complete the Courtly Service achievement in the Shadow of the Mad King Festival in Guild Wars 2

Always a price to pay.

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While Halloween is very much an Earthly tradition, in Guild Wars 2, there’s no less celebration. There’s a whole event spanning several days dedicated to it. At this time, the Mad King arrives and allows players to enter his realm to enjoy the rewards of goodies, loot, and achievement points. There’s much to see and do during the event, and players are often found running around the Labyrinth for hours to gather as many items as they can. This guide will look at how to complete one of the Annual achievements, the Courtly Service achievement in Guild Wars 2.

Where to go to complete the Courtly Service achievement in Guild Wars 2

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Players looking to complete this achievement should head to the Mad King’s Labyrinth. You can head to any of the doors and speak to the Lunatic Boatman to get there. They’ll offer you a list of places you can travel to, and you merely need to choose to enter the Labyrinth. Once inside, you’ll be able to Glide down, use a flying Mount, or take the Portal that will place you in the Labyrinth proper.

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From there, you’ll have to head toward the center of the Labyrinth. Again, there will be foes that will attempt to fight you, and you can choose to fight them or use a Mount to run away if you’re in a rush. Once you’ve reached the center portion of the Labyrinth, you’ll need to head up the spiraling hill with the mausoleum at the top. Again, there are foes there and Pumpkins that you can carve for your achievements. Once at the top, you need to look for the small Mad King’s Steward.

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How to complete the Courtly Service achievement in Guild Wars 2

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Once you’ve located the Mad King’s Steward, you need to employ a service. There are several different kinds of services that you can employ, and each of them has its own unique cost in gold. The services you can employ are as follows:

  • Commission a merchant -> 1 Gold
  • Commission an armor enforcing service -> 1 Gold
  • Add Bank Access -> 1 Gold
  • Provide Food for everyone -> 5 Gold
  • Commission a mount rental service -> 1 Gold

Remember that you will have to spend 5 Gold to complete this achievement in full. You can also hire them any time after the achievement has been completed if you need their services. You’ll find the hired services around the base of the hill once paid for.