How to complete the Dockside Contract in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can complete some wetwork on the docks of Saint Denis.

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Before criminals could use planes to ferry illicit cargo, docks and ports were where the action happened. That’s why criminals in Red Dead Online are using ships to smuggle Capitale. Obviously, Mr. Martelli can’t have any of that, so it’s your job to put an end to any Capitale smuggling operations in Saint Denis.

Part one

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The first part of the Dockside Contract is relatively simple: someone is smuggling Capitale, and you have to stop them. Start by heading over to the Saint Denis docks. Behind one of the buildings around the docks, you’ll find someone carrying a stash of Capitale. It’s your choice how to get it back from them, but regardless of how you approach the situation, you’ll likely have the law on your tail soon. Pick up the stash and run from the police. Once you’re in the clear, simply deliver the Capitale for your reward.

Part two

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The second part of the Dockside Contract is a bit more involved. Martelli figures the best way to stop people from smuggling Capitale is to simply destroy the ships. Head to the eastern docks in Saint Denis with a healthy stockpile of fire bottles for this one. Once you’re at the docks, take out any guards you see and start lighting the supplies on the dock and the boat around it on fire. Police and other guards will come after you, so divvy up your time lighting things on fire and taking out enemies wisely.

After causing enough damage, the dock’s harbormaster will come out of hiding. You’ll have to kidnap him and bring him to one of Martelli’s contacts. This isn’t too hard to do, just make sure the cops aren’t anywhere nearby, and you’ll be able to deliver him without a problem.

Part three

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In the Dockside Contract’s conclusion, you have to rescue one of Martelli’s agents that’s gotten themselves captured. The agent in question is being held on a ship at the docks, and you’ll have to stealthily rescue him or risk that he’ll be killed. Bring a bow and some throwing weapons to this job. Stealthily take out any enemies you see and make your way onto the boat by traveling along its dock. From there, you’ll want to go up the left side of the boat. You’ll find the agent tied up between some crates.

Once he’s rescued, feel free to take out your guns. Shoot your way out of the port and get yourself and the agent on a horse. Simply bring him over to a safehouse, and the contract will conclude.